Projet presentation

Projet presentation

Nosocomial infections (NSIs) are one of the leading preventable health care accidents. Like all countries in the world, Quebec is particularly affected by the INs. To deal with this persistent problem, the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec (MSSS) of the time had set up in 2004, a mandatory program of prevention and control of INs (PCI program) in hospitals of Quebec. In its 2015-2020 action plan for the prevention and control of NSIs for the safe delivery of health care in Quebec, the MSSS indicates in its target 22 that it wants to evaluate the implementation, the costs, the effects and the return on PCI program investment in acute care health facilities. This project is part of the same perspective and is the first major research in the province of Quebec in Canada to assess the efficiency of the ICP program. Its main objective is to evaluate the efficiency of an INs prevention and control program through the economic analysis of associated clinical best practices. Three specific objectives will be pursued:

i) Evaluate the cost of clinical practices associated with the prevention and control of INs in Quebec;

ii) Assess the economic burden attributable to INs;

iii) Examine the cost-effectiveness of IN prevention and control by comparing the cost of implantation and the costs of infections.

This research will provide empirical evidence on the efficiency of the PCI program in Quebec and Canada. It would enable all actors in the health care system to become aware of the potential economic gains attributable to IPC. It will help strengthen its implementation, improve its monitoring and especially to raise awareness among all health stakeholders on the importance of infection prevention.

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